rosie haase
graphic design + art direction

Hi there! I'm Rosie, a graphic designer on a mission to solve problems through the power of creative design. While I specialize in branding and visual identity, I thrive on challenges in any creative medium.

My design journey began more than 6 years ago with screen and relief printing, and has evolved into a digital design and branding focus. Despite the digital shift, my love for print work remains unwavering.

Thanks for checking out my work and please contact me through any of the links below. Looking forward to connecting! 

01 eden
visual identity + branding

TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign
In this case study, my initial mission was to redesign the well-established vitamin and supplement brand, Garden of Life (referenced as Garden to Life to avoid copyright), to resonate with a younger consumer base. After an in-depth brand audit and market research, the solution became clear — instead of rebranding, creating a sub-brand that would cater to the needs and tastes of Gen Z and Millennials, an emerging consumer base in the supplement industry.

By creating a sub-brand that targeted this audience's specific needs, Garden to Life could use their established quality products and introduce them to new consumers through personalized and stylized wellness experiences.

And so Eden was born, a sub-brand that redefines wellness for a younger generation, offering personalized supplement solutions that cater to individual lifestyles and needs. The subscription-based service provides custom vitamin and supplement packs, curated to enhance the health and vitality of its customers.

After conducting thorough landscape research and developing concepts, I crafted a brand identity focused on bold yet simple visuals that convey a clean, balanced, and youthful essence. My approach centered on a minimalist logo featuring simple shapes that can be interpreted as either a flower or a landscape of rolling hills with a sun above, subtly referencing the parent brand logo. This design choice symbolizes growth, vitality, and a connection to nature.

Explore above examples of the branding applied to various products, alongside an overview of the concept branding. For deeper insights into the audience, market research, and visual branding strategies, view the full brand concept book below.