rosie haase
graphic design + art direction

Hi there! I'm Rosie, a graphic designer on a mission to solve problems through the power of creative design. While I specialize in branding and visual identity, I thrive on challenges in any creative medium.

My design journey began more than 6 years ago with screen and relief printing, and has evolved into a digital design and branding focus. Despite the digital shift, my love for print work remains unwavering.

Thanks for checking out my work and please contact me through any of the links below. Looking forward to connecting! 

04 verdego
packaging + brand design

TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator and PhotoshopFor this project, I crafted a brand indentity + assets for VerdeGo, a plant-based meal delivery company committed to sourcing exclusively from local farmers and vendors. Tailoring the brand identity to resonate with urban, health-conscious adults, I sought to distinguish VerdeGo by embracing hand-crafted graphics over conventional photography used by competitors.

After researching competitors, I wanted the brand to stand out by leaning into more hand-crafted graphics in comparison to the photography competitors used. Employing the print-style produce graphics not only stands out and communicates VerdeGo’s hands-on, local approach to meal kits, but also leans into a more stylized aesthetic, something their audiences look for when making purchase decisions. The diagonal print effect subtly nods to a play on the name, introducing an element of whimsy reminiscent of ‘vertigo.’

While most plant-based products employ greens in their color palette, I wanted to have a natural but eye catching palette which had green tints but is also based in the primary colors that make up green, yellow and blue. The colors also enhance the visual impact of photographic imagery in the instructional guides and social posts.