rosie haase
graphic design + art direction

Hi there! I'm Rosie, a graphic designer on a mission to solve problems through the power of creative design. While I specialize in branding and visual identity, I thrive on challenges in any creative medium.

My design journey began more than 6 years ago with screen and relief printing, and has evolved into a digital design and branding focus. Despite the digital shift, my love for print work remains unwavering.

Thanks for checking out my work and please contact me through any of the links below. Looking forward to connecting! 

07 wood-cut typographic printing 
typography + printing

TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator and Indesign, laser-cutting printer, and Inkscape This project combined two of my passions, typography and print. Coming out of quarantine I wanted to create something that utilized physical work and helped me understand typography in a deeper sense.

This project began by exploring typography in both a hand-lettering and a digital rendered sense. Then I brought my sketches to life by experimenting with a laser cutter to cut my own wood letters for printing. From there, it was an exciting process of exploring paper types, inks, and the functions of the laser cutter.

The end results are a series of prints that showcase my exploration of typography and demonstrate my growing understanding of the craft. I am proud to have created something physical and lasting through this project, and I continue to be inspired by the possibilities of typography and print.

Above are some of my end results along with my full process book linked here and notable pages below.